Sunday, January 9, 2011

On the Rudeness of Cab Drivers: One

A middle-aged couple couple edging toward aged. He in his 60's with white hair. She in her late 50’s. The were high but not drunk.
She climbed into the cab totally self-absorbed, simultaneously talking to the man outside and shouting into her cell with a squeaky, high-pitched voice. She leaned forward and turned to the man, motioning him in, while she continued hollering into the phone.
The man climbed inside as she snapped her cell closed. She leaned toward me and screamed out an address at the same amplification.
“Could you please lower the volume?” I asked. “You’re shouting in my ear.”
“You just take it easily, fella,” the man said belligerently.
“You’re screaming in my ear, ma’m,” I said quietly, “ Can you please speak more softly?”
“Fuck you, asshole,” the old man shouted.
“I’m afraid you’re going to have to leave.”
They climbed out. The man slammed the back-door shut and then opened the front door, stuck his head in and snapped.
“I hope they shoot you tonight!”